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Mr. David Winkle is a minor character in SuperMarioLogan. He is a convicted pedophile, sex offender, and mass murderer/rapist who appeared as the main antagonist of the Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! series. He first appeared in Part 2 of the First Grade series, where he replaced Mr. Wilfred as the teacher after Joseph accidentally broke Mr. Wilfred's hip while he tried to take Joseph's phone. In ... Fantasy. Horror. Sci-fi. "Bowser Loses His Voice!" is the 92nd episode of SML Movies and the first episode of Season 7. Bowser loses his voice and no one can understand him! Happy new year guys! Hope you had a great 2014! Bowser was watching Charleyyy and Friends, In it, Charleyyy is taking a bath.This article is about the 3rd channel. For the current channel, see SML. For the old channel see SML Plush Show. superbowserlogan (forcefully renamed SML as of February 10, 2021 due to a Cease and Desist letter) was Logan's 3rd YouTube channel for SML Movies, The channel was founded as SuperBowserLogan by Logan on April 15, 2008 alongside …Karen Guy is a recurring character in the SML series. She is the current wife of Brooklyn T. Guy (much to his dismay), sometimes serving as an annoyance to him. She is also the stepmother of Penelope. Karen was previously shown to be very oblivious, dimwitted, loud, and very obnoxious, which was present in how she …The strike has been called by 10 trade unions. Daily life across India might come to a screeching halt as nearly 150 million employees across banks, public transport, factories, an... This is the page for the boy named Tyler. If you are looking for the Tiny Nipple Tyler, see this page. Tyler is a boy who is rude to people. He appeared in "Brooklyn Guy's Guilt!", where it was his birthday. He later appeared in The Woodchipper!, as a replacement for Joseph, but only in the beginning and end, due to being arrested for faking his own death. He died for real in Jeffy Plays Grand ... Not to be confused with Kody or Cody!. Not to be confused with Kamek. Cody Dennis Nutkiss is a main character in the SML series and is a student at Y U DUMB? Elementary School. He is a homosexual, perverted, arrogant, rude, nerdy kid who is best friends with Junior, Joseph, and Jeffy, despite often being made fun of by them. He is the adopted son of Judy and Tyrone. He serves as a supporting ... Not to be confused with SuperMarioLogan 2. SLL (formerly SuperLuigiLogan) was the old secondary account to SML. This account had SML Updates, SML Shorts, blog videos, and SML Movies The channel was changed to Logan's real name later on due to him clicking on a link that changed his YouTube name to his real name. He changed back to … Karen Guy is a recurring character in the SML series. She is the current wife of Brooklyn T. Guy (much to his dismay), sometimes serving as an annoyance to him. She is also the stepmother of Penelope. Karen was previously shown to be very oblivious, dimwitted, loud, and very obnoxious, which was present in how she always annoyed her husband, Brooklyn T. Guy. Karen was also extremely whiny and ... "The Love Potion!" is the 276th episode of SML Movies and the third episode of Days of School Series. Junior thinks the new girl in school is HOT! Cody makes a love potion to make her fall in love with Junior! The video starts with Cody making out with Ken at his desk in school. He turns to see Junior, Joseph and Toad looking at him. He exclaims that it's …This article is about the video. You may be looking for The Secret Door itself. "The Secret Door!" is the 298th episode of SML Movies. It was a very anticipated episode, having been hinted at since "The New House!". It also marks the final episode of the Does Bad Things Guy arc. Mario, Rosalina and Jeffy are sitting on the couch. Jeffy …"The Police Dog!" is the 690th episode of SML Movies. Brooklyn Guy gets a new partner! The video starts off with Susan reminding Steve that his food is almost ready. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and Steve answered it only to get knocked out with a baseball bat by Mr. Meaner. Meanwhile, Brooklyn T. Guy and Simmons …Christopher Michael Netherton, known professionally by his SML stage name as Pablo Sanchez, or his nickname "Pooby", is an American puppeteer, comedian, actor, and voice actor. He is best known as the actor for characters such as Brooklyn T. Guy and Cody. Chris was born on October 18, 1994, in Kennesaw, Georgia. It's unknown when he moved to …Cecilia Maria Torres (known as Cecira by Jackie Chu) is a Mexican girl who appeared in the Bowser Junior's Summer School series. She only speaks Spanish, which makes Jackie Chu think she's dumb, and likes to eat tacos from Taco Bell. She's Jorge's sister. She can speak some English, but it is extremely broken English. Personality []. Being Mexican, Cecelia …the wiki is now becoming a Cults. they all have not acted like normal people and respect other users in a good manner. let's face it. the sml wiki discussion is more … Welcome to, the SML wiki! This is a fan-run SuperMarioLogan site that strives to report accurate information and other resources to viewers of the series! Episodes Episodes focusing on Bowser Junior. Category page. Sign in to edit. All the videos that primarily revolve around Bowser Junior for it's primary or at least secondary plot. "Bowser's Mistake!" is the 391st episode of SML Movies. Bowser accidentally sends a bad picture to EVERYONE! The video starts with Bowser crying on his bed due to him not having a girlfriend and that he's lonely. The TV broadcasts a commercial asking Bowser if he's lonely and if he's a turtle and it tells him to download Turtler. Bowser gets amazed and decides to download it. He gets his phone ... This is the page for the SML Movie. If you are looking for the character, see this page. If you are looking for the original, see this page. "Jeffy!" is the remake of "Mario the Babysitter!", the 3rd episode of SML Remakes, and the first remade SML video to be featured on the newest SML channel. Instead of using the Nintendo plush characters, they are using the … Despite the name of the subject of this page being SML Plush Show, it will retain the name SuperMarioLogan. SML Plush Show (formerly SuperMarioLogan & SML) was the main YouTube channel where Logan Thirtyacre, the creator of the channel, made skits using plush toys and puppets with his older brother, Lance Thirtyacre, and close acquaintances, such as Lovell Stanton, Pablo Sanchez, Chilly ... Judging corporate performance into the fourth quarter, sectors to watch and charting these 2 stocks....C Hey there little star. I've seen you before. I think. How I wonder what are... SuperMarioLogan (also known as SML Movies And SML For Sort) is an American Web Sitcom Series created by Logan Thirtyacre. The Sitcom was premiered on YouTube on December 8, 2007 and is the main YouTube channel of the series and the featured channels "SuperLuigiLogan" And "SuperBowserLogan". The series follows around Mario's life in the real world. The series also features more characters that ... in: Characters, SML. Females. Category page. These are the female characters/actors in SML. A majority of the characters/actors are male and females are very rare in the series. 2. 26 Unknown People. A. Alien's Wife.Advertisement First, one must clarify that everyone dies of "brain death." Whether an old person suffers cardiac arrest resulting in the lack of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, ...Trending pages. SML Movies. Five Nights at Freddy's (series) SML Remakes. Jeffy Ball Z (series) Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures. SML Shorts. SML Animated. First Day of School!Anthony Floyd Miller Jr. is an American YouTuber, puppeteer, comedian, actor, voice actor, writer, a Twitch streamer, an SML actor and husband of Rebecca. He gave his YouTube channel KirbStomp (formerly known as TriTriTri242 or TriTriTri, TriTriTri being short for TriforceTriforceTriforce) to Logan just in case if he needed to move channels again from …Mario/Marvin (played by Logan) - The mascot of Nintendo and is the series' titular main character. This is a suburban fan version of Mario who lives with Black Yoshi and the birds as well as Shrek and Woody. Ever since Jeffy came into his life, and was eventually adopted, he has hated Jeffy, and dealt with him ever since. Rosalina/Rose (played by …Mr. Goodman is the main antagonist of the SuperMarioLogan series. He has a countless number of jobs, similar to Brooklyn T. Guy, and one of the wealthiest …A TRIBUTE TO DALEKJD. American Idol Mario Edition. Lost Episode. Angry Birds Harlem Shake. B. Bowser Junior Meets Smash Mouth! Bowser Junior the Spider-Man! Bowser Junior's Cavity. Bowser Junior's Cellphone 2.Birth and Adoption. Precious was born sometime in mid-2003. The first time she was taken to the vet by Logan and his family was in September of 2003 and was about 12 weeks old at the time according to a vlog on Chilly’s channel. Before getting Precious, Logan's biological father gave him & Lance 2 pet iguanas. Chef Pee Pee's cooking is often regarded as questionable, as his cooking is either liked or receives disgust from people. However other meals aren't just made by him. The meals that are frequently seen in SML usually are the most random combinations of food coming off looking gross or dangerous. This page is currently in progress, therefore, is not up to date with all disgusting meals in SML ... Zeke is a former member of the SuperMarioLogan cast and he was Logan's childhood best friend. His most famous role was the voice of Mama Luigi. With Mama Luigi, Zeke helped lead the channel to success. In 2009, Zeke eventually had to quit SML, because he moved to Colorado, along with his brother Luke, away from Logan's hometown. Following his …Lance Ashton Thirtyacre is an American YouTuber, puppeteer, actor, and voice actor. He is known for making comedy videos. He is Logan Thirtyacre's older brother as well as his business partner. Lance is best known for his roles as Jeffy, Goodman, Jackie Chu, Black Yoshi, Shrek and Woody. But, he has also played many other …SML Remakes was a series of remade SML videos released previously, created and developed by Logan Thirtyacre. These remakes are an entirely different design using the human puppets and minor changes, due to the cease and desist letter from Nintendo, excluding “SUPER MARIO GOT MILK” and “Toad's Mistake!” as they were made to …This is the timeline of every important event that happened around the show, both from the fictional world (like when a fictional character died or was born) and in real life (like what important events happened to the SML crew in real life). God creates the Universe. Craig is created as one of his many angels. Craig is banished from …Hank Timothy Huckerdoo, Sr. is the husband of Suzanne Huckerdoo, father of Timmy and Susie Huckerdoo, adoptive father to Joseph and leader of the Huckerdoo family. He is Marvin's neighbor and arch-rival and he has won 11 trophies for "Best Lawn". He is a recurring character in the SML series. He is a father wearing a green polo shirt, blue …"Mario Plush Collection!" is a video in which Logan shows his Mario plush collection. It was released on SuperLuigiLogan on March 9, 2016. Mario Logan Thirtyacre Wing Mario R****d Mario Baby Mario F.L.U.D.D Luigi Mama Luigi Baby Luigi Princess Peach Baby Peach Princess Daisy Bowser Bowser (puppet) Dry …Nicktendo is a good friend of Logan Thirtyacre. He usually makes animations or live action versions of SML Movies. He made in video animations for "Jeffy's Sleepover!", "The Monster!", "Black Yoshi's Call Of Duty Modern Warfare!”, and “Jeffy's Lie!". He was also given a shoutout in "Fountain of Youth!". Ever since his animations have gained … The New Puppets (commonly referred to as The Human Puppets) are puppet redesigns/versions of the Nintendo characters/plushies and the mascots for SML. They first introduced in "The Human Potion!", designed both to resemble the design philosophy of the other human characters like Chef Pee Pee and Brooklyn T. Guy and to separate the characters from their Nintendo counterparts. The puppets are ... Mr. Pig was a classic character in the SuperMarioLogan series. He was one of Mario's best friends and a main character in Season 0. He also beat Woody and won "American Idol Mario Edition".He mostly disappeared after Season 0, only making sporadic appearances in Season 1 and 2.. In "Jeffy Breaks His Helmet!", it was … "Breaking Bad!" is the 821st episode of SML Movies. Jeffy is cooking blue rock candy! The video starts while Jeffy eats blue rock candy. But when Cody and Rose tell Marvin say, “The News” and it’s announced that blue rock candy is illegal, and Jeffy gets his candy taken by Brooklyn Guy. And Jeffy eats his cat food and Goodman rings the bell and tells Marvin that he sold his mortgage to ... "Bowser Junior's Candy Bar!" is the 174th episode of SML Movies. Bowser Junior steals a candy bar from the gas station! And the guilt eats at him! The video starts with Bowser Junior and Chef Pee Pee at a gas station. Junior asks why they're at the gas station. Chef Pee Pee says that he needs to get a couple of things. Junior then asks if he can come with him, but Chef Pee Pee refuses to let ... Kenneth Sean “Ken” Carson is a recurring character known for being Cody's doll and the boyfriend of Barbie. Ken is an inanimate object, even though Cody believes that he is a real person and has sexual intercourse with the doll almost every day. He is well known as being hated by Joseph. It was later revealed in multiple episodes …For information about Thomas & Friends version of the character, go here. Thomas is the toy of a blue tank engine who lives at a big station on the Island of Sodor. He's a cheeky little engine, with six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler, and a short stumpy dome. Junior has a strong affection for him. He is one …Not to be confused with Templeton the Rat. The Rat is a minor antagonist in the SML series. He had a Dutch accent. He is a white rat, with mixed orangeyellow ears, tail, hands and feet. He is also very fat. The Rat's puppet was a White Mouse Hand Puppet from Folkmanis, which can be purchased here. He is known to love cheese. In "Bowser …"Bowser Juice Informercial" is a SuperMarioLogan video. Bowser Juice Infomercial BUY NOW This commercial is about Bowser selling Bowser Juice, which he claims can give you super energy. It costs $12.99. The video starts off with Lovell standing and looking depressed. Bowser then gets his attention and asks him if he uses "ordinary" energy … Mr. Pig was a classic character in the SuperMarioLogan seJeffy (also known as Jeffy Jeffy or Jeffy We do, truly, need to take better care of ourselves. The benefits of self care are widely touted—and for good reason. We do, truly, need to take better care of ourselves. We’re ove...May 10, 2017 · This article is about the video. You may be looking for The Secret Door itself. "The Secret Door!" is the 298th episode of SML Movies. It was a very anticipated episode, having been hinted at since "The New House!". It also marks the final episode of the Does Bad Things Guy arc. Mario, Rosalina and Jeffy are sitting on the couch. Jeffy starts trying to make himself throw up, and when Mario ... My Singing Monsters: Composer is a spin-off app available on M Eggs last awhile, but not forever. If you need to preserve yours a little longer, you can stick them in the freezer. Of course, you don't want to just toss them in, shells and al... For information about the Mario version of this char...

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Get your feet out your mouth!The Alien to his wife The Alien is the adoptive father of Rose...


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" SuperMarioLogan " (formerly SuperMarioLogan1994, and also referred to simply SML) is a highly popular telev...


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Elaina Marie Keyes is an American puppeteer, singer, and actress. She is an actress in the SML videos and i...


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Not to be confused with SuperMarioLogan 2. SLL (formerly SuperLuigiLogan) was the old secondary account to SML. This account ...


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This is the page for the original. If you are looking for the remake, see this page. "SUPER MARIO GOT MILK" (stylized as "Su...

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